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  • Rectangular flux path motor

    The electric motor uses more electricity than any other technology. In the industrial world, it is estimated that 62% of all electricity is used to turn an electric motor. So it is not surprising that hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent by the Department of Energy and by private companies, in the quest…

  • Digital Position Read-Out

    This is an actual working prototype hardware that adds Digital Read Out (DRO) capability to conventional woodworking equipment.  This creates dial-in precision to 0.001″ accuracy that is totally repeatable and adds less than $100 Retail Value to the price of the target equipment. Software design of the display allows the unit to switch modes from…

  • Slitter

  • General Purpose Power Feeder

    Simple powered feeder for woodworking equipment.  Concept is targeted to low cost variable speed operation with very compact form.  Can also be used as a powered fence in format with more rollers. Applications: Table saw Band saw Router