Category: Technology Development

  • Technology and Evolution

    Technology is a term that is broadly used and highly misunderstood. It is the art of, or skill that is based on the underlying principle of a certain field of knowledge. This results in the creation of tools or machinery that area appropriate to manipulate the system in question. In electric motors, it is understanding […]

  • What’s wrong with wind power?

    There are great expectations of wind power. Ai??Untold taxpayer money has been spent through Federal subsidy programs. Ai??The technology has been touted as a major element of the energy supply system in the US and many parts of the world. Ai??Wind power has some serious problems to overcome if it is to be everything it […]

  • Wind Power Needs Better Design

    With all the emphasis on how important wind power is to the future of energy supply, it is surprising to me that we haven’t seen a variety of dedicated generator designs. There are a few, but only a few. Maybe this is because the magnetics of generator design are not a popular topic in engineering […]

  • Air Bearing Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with Integrated Generator

    Pictured in the graphic is a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine using a conventional squirrel cage design for the aerodynamic portion of the rotor. At the base is a steel ring with an integrated generator. The whole system is suspended on three concrete piers with air bearing pads providing a frictionless, non contact suspension system that […]

  • Digital Position Read-Out

    This is an actual working prototype hardware that adds Digital Read Out (DRO) capability to conventional woodworking equipment.  This creates dial-in precision to 0.001″ accuracy that is totally repeatable and adds less than $100 Retail Value to the price of the target equipment. Software design of the display allows the unit to switch modes from […]

  • Slitter

  • General Purpose Power Feeder

    Simple powered feeder for woodworking equipment.  Concept is targeted to low cost variable speed operation with very compact form.  Can also be used as a powered fence in format with more rollers. Applications: Table saw Band saw Router

  • Linear Actuator

    Linear actuators are an amalgamation of several different core technologies that are incorporated in a single product. That’s part of the reason that they are so confusing. The categories of core technologies are motive power, means of transmission, bearing technology, support and feedback. Not all are always present. Feedback and support may not be needed […]

  • Solar Tracking Photovoltaic Panels

    Solar Power as an industry has been growing in huge leaps around the world in recent years. Although the rate is slowing, it is still forecast to grow in the US at 25-28% next year. Much of the growth is subsidized by government through cash rebates at the state level and federal tax rebates at […]