Linear Actuator Technology

prototype 2 axis linear actuator
prototype 2 axis linear actuator

Linear actuators are a combination of several different technologies. As a result there are trade-offs built into each design concept that are simply part of the product. There are systems based on fluid power, such as pneumatics and hydraulics, and there are electromechanical solutions based on screw drives or belt and pulley. The fluid power systems tend to be less precise but capable of very high torque, the electromechanical solutions tend to be more precise and higher speed. So when it comes to high speed automation, generally the electromechanical solution is preferred.

But part of the design tradeoff is larger bulkier guide bearings or rods and high inertia loads. Until now. The Advanced Linear Actuator is optimized to reduce inertia mass for multi-axis Cartesian motion. It is also very power dense. The basis of the actuator is a mechanical drive system that is similar to a planetary gear reducer, only with 4 points of contact which produce straight line motion. It can be para-metrically designed to achieve high power, high speed and high precision, or balance all aspects for a given requirement.

The technology is available for license and will solve many motion applications like biological screening and electronic assembly tasks. Please contact Steve Meyer at Solid Tech Inc. 512 240-5876.






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