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  • The Next Industrial Revolution

    Modern manufacturing is largely the result of Henry Ford’s innovation, assembly line mass production. The goal of which was primarily to make cars available to large numbers of people due to significantly lowered costs. No other single innovation has contributed as much to increase the quality of living conditions throughout the world. Mass production has […]

  • The Aristocracy of Government

    For many years I have criticized the excesses of government spending in the United States. What may have begun as a means of honoring those who serve the public interest, salaries and benefits, has led to a group that sets it’s own pay scale far beyond the average pay of its constituents and a work […]

  • Trouble in the Green Economy

    I have posted that the solar power industry has some serious problems and isn’t going to save the US economy. Certainly the Solyndra failure should be evidence of that. The solar industry is built on Federal incentive programs that are scheduled to end this year. The Federal subsidies are unlikely to continue given the current […]

  • Change the World

    As we approach the end of the year and contemplate the coming year, it is a natural point in time to reflect on our accomplishments and consider our goals for the future. So forgive me if I wax philosophical. But I would like to offer the opinion that engineering is about changing the world. If […]

  • Air Bearing Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with Integrated Generator

    Pictured in the graphic is a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine using a conventional squirrel cage design for the aerodynamic portion of the rotor. At the base is a steel ring with an integrated generator. The whole system is suspended on three concrete piers with air bearing pads providing a frictionless, non contact suspension system that […]

  • Linear Actuator Technology

    Linear actuators are a combination of several different technologies. As a result there are trade-offs built into each design concept that are simply part of the product. There are systems based on fluid power, such as pneumatics and hydraulics, and there are electromechanical solutions based on screw drives or belt and pulley. The fluid power […]

  • The Absolute Value of Technology

    I have written a number of blogs on the Project Mechatronics website about a term I have coined “The Absolute Value of Technology”. It is simply the idea that we must always evaluate the economic merit of technology. Does technology offer an improved cost performance point, or is making a technology commitment going to cost […]

  • Rectangular flux path motor

    The electric motor uses more electricity than any other technology. In the industrial world, it is estimated that 62% of all electricity is used to turn an electric motor. So it is not surprising that hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent by the Department of Energy and by private companies, in the quest […]

  • Digital Position Read-Out

    This is an actual working prototype hardware that adds Digital Read Out (DRO) capability to conventional woodworking equipment.  This creates dial-in precision to 0.001″ accuracy that is totally repeatable and adds less than $100 Retail Value to the price of the target equipment. Software design of the display allows the unit to switch modes from […]

  • Slitter

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